Everything has its time...

Hello, my name is Caitlin, and life is weird

Wave upon wave of crimson supporters was pouring over the barriers into the field. Hands were raining down on their backs. Harry had a confused impression of noise and bodies pressing in on him. Then he, and the rest of the team, were hoisted onto the shoulders of the crowd. Thrust into the light, he saw Hagrid, plastered with crimson rosettes – “Yeh beat ‘em, Harry, yeh beat ‘em! Wait till I tell Buckbeak!” There was Percy, jumping up and down, like maniac, all dignity forgotten. Professor McGonagall was sobbing harder even than Wood, wiping her eyes with an enormous Gryffindor flag; and there, fighting their way toward Harry, were Ron and Hermione. Words failed them. They simply beamed as Harry was borne towards the stands, where Dumbledore stood waiting with the enormous Quidditch Cup. 

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